Digital Wedding Cameras for Your Wedding Photography

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Learn how digital wedding cameras give you much more wedding photography for much less money.

Fully insured digital wedding cameras are delivered before your wedding, guaranteed.

1. Get Digital Wedding Cameras

“The digital wedding cameras were very easy to use, and came in the mail in plenty of time to get them to close friends and family who did a great job photographing the entire wedding weekend.”– Travis M, Seattle’s Best Wedding Planner Learn More

After reserving your wedding date for free online or over the phone (206 337-9943), sit back and relax because your 100% insured digital wedding cameras will come in the mail before your event, guaranteed.

When your digital wedding cameras arrive in their prepaid mailing case, you do not need to worry about a thing since they are all 100% damage insured, will be in the hands of your closest friends and family, and even have simple instructions attached.

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Give trusted friends and family your digital wedding cameras as soon as possible so that you get as many wedding pictures and videos as possible.

2. Give Digital Wedding Cameras

"I am so happy that we got digital wedding cameras for our wedding. Everyone had a great time taking candid shots and capturing an incredible amount that was missed by our wedding photographer!" - Justina N, Bride Learn More

As soon as your digital wedding cameras come in the mail, give them to close friends and family. Each of your digital wedding cameras takes over 450 pictures and video, so make sure that your close friends and family start photographing and videotaping all of your wedding memories as soon as possible. Everything from the rehearsal dinner to the day after.

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Your close friends and family will have a great time with the cameras and feel free to use them for fun activities like a virtual photo booth, photo/video scavenger hunts, icebreakers, video diaries, photo guest books, creating slide shows for your reception, etc. They are your cameras, so you can use them for whatever you’d like!

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Return your digital wedding cameras via the prepaid mailing case they came in.

3. Return Digital Wedding Cameras

"The digital wedding cameras were very easy return. It was just like Netflix: put them back in the case they came in and put the case in the mail. That's easy.” - John B, Microsoft Director of Events Learn More

Two business days after your wedding, simply put your digital wedding cameras back in their prepaid case, and put the case in the mail.

When we get your digital wedding cameras back, we create your free wedding picture and wedding video sharing website. And your wedding picture and video sharing website will be beautiful as, we make sure all your wedding pictures and videos are rotated properly and we filter out any underexposed, overexposed, or inappropriate pictures for free.

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You will also get every single original (no watermarks etc.) wedding picture and video from your digital wedding cameras on CDs in the mail, for free.

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You and all of your friends and family, view, download, print, and share all of your wedding photos and videos for free online.

4. Remember Everything for Free

"Our digital wedding cameras allowed us to capture our wedding through the eyes of our closest friends and family. While we were thrilled with the results from our wedding photographer, it's the wedding pictures and wedding videos that our friends and family took with our digital wedding cameras that completed our wedding photography. Based on how much everyone loved downloading, printing, and sharing our wedding pictures and videos from our website, renting digital wedding cameras was overall the best thing we could have done for our wedding." - Corina and Lincoln, Bride and Groom Learn More

This is the best part. About a week after we get your digital wedding camera back, you will receive a personalized email invitation to your wedding picture and video sharing website. Just forward your email invitation to your guest, and let the sharing begin.

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There is no need for your friends or family to register, and nobody has any passwords to remember. Just friends and family downloading, printing, and sharing all of your wedding pictures and wedding videos for free. It's an easy and affordable way to relive your entire wedding with friends and family all across the world.

You and your friends and family can even watch and share slideshows, add comments, and email your wedding pictures and videos right from your website. And of course, you can remove and add as many pictures as you would like for free, and even order glossy prints and other gifts.

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Client testimonials

"With CameraRenter we got more wedding pictures, better wedding pictures, and were able to share them for less money than my sister spent on disposable cameras at her wedding."- Christina C, Bride

"Simple ordering, excellent service, and getting, using, and returning our digital wedding cameras cameras was easy. CameraRenter was a great addition to our event."- John B, Microsoft Director of Events

"CameraRenter is the most useful, innovative, and eco-friendly photography service I've seen in the last ten years. If you want to remember and share the candid moments before, during, and after your event, CameraRenter is the way to go."- David P, CEO,

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